Our priority is the wellbeing of our guests and staff.


One of Olea’s amazing features is the spaciousness, as tranquillity and privacy are fundamentals of the Olea experience, making it an ideal place for social distancing. Occupancy is also limited to well below its full capacity. Plexi glass barriers have been placed in the manicure area to achieve social distancing.


All Olea staff members are trained with all precautionary measures: maintaining a 2-metre distance from others, use of a suitable mask, gloves, handwashing and respiratory hygiene. All staff are obliged to be tested every week. We assure all our guests that in case an employee is experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms, or someone in their household (even if they did not come in contact with someone diagnosed with COVID-19) they will be asked to stay at home and seek for medical attention.


Cleaning protocols have been strengthened in line with the public health guidelines issued by the WHO, as well as by national authorities.


Hand sanitizers are available in key places of the spa. Breaks are scheduled in-between all treatments to sanitise and properly disinfect all facilities.


Throughout the spa, we follow the guidelines for proper physical distancing. Guests and employees must practice physical distancing whenever possible, by standing at least 2m away from other people.


Informative signs on covid-19 measures have been applied in key places of the spa to maintain a safety.

To effectively keep a safe environment for all of us, our guests’ support is necessary. We trust and actively encourage that you cancel your appointments in case you came in contact with someone who is experiencing COVID-19 symptoms or someone diagnosed with COVID-19.