55 minutes | 65

A ritual commencing with a deep exfoliation of the body and face designed to purify, deeply cleanse and create satin smooth skin; followed by an envelopment of dynamic blends with active ingredients and essential oils to target your individual needs and allow skin renewal.

Choose from:

Sunburn Rescue | hydrating, replenishing and cooling
Vibrant Me | anti-aging and nourishing
Skin Polishing | deeply cleansing and purifying


(price upon request)

A specialised treatment to boost micro-circulation and stimulate the lymphatic system to contour your silhouette. Intense massage techniques are used to break down fat deposits in combination with cupping tools, mesotherapy and the latest technology to resculpt your body and assist in cellulite reduction.

Consultation is recommended prior to the treatment and a course of treatments is recommended for optimum results.


80 minutes | 75

Your sensory journey begins with a deep exfoliation to detoxify the body. A luxurious bespoke back & head massage with an aromatic concentrate will fade away the stresses of every day life. The experience is rounded off with a warm algae envelopment rich in vitamins, minerals & trace elements, while a foot massage will take you into a dream-like state


Duration varies | 75

A customisable Acne Clearing Back Treatment – including an exfoliation and deep cleansing treatment with anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and anti-bacterial ingredients. A biological peeling may be applied for your skin to fully decongest and peel off to keep your skin flawless, smooth and clean from blemishes and acne scars.

A course of treatments may be required for maximum results.